Talk Tinder To Me – FAQs

What is Talk Tinder To Me?

Great question! This is a comedic based website that exists on the internet(s) AKA THE World Wide Web.  Pretty amazing, right?

But seriously, what is Talk Tinder’s purpose?

This is a website where you can submit your best, worst, but overall, funniest messages from your Tinder conversations.

How do I submit these conversations from Tinder?

Easy! First, take a picture of your Tinder convo from your mobile device, then click on the Tinder Uploader/Submit Button on our website, and finally, submit the photo.

How does one take a picture from their phone?

That really depends on what type of device you are using. Please ask the All Knowing “Google” for some assistance, or simply email us at and we will walk you through.

So, I should just submit my Tinder messages with the ladies?

Let’s slow down, your use of the word “ladies” means that you are probably a pretty creepy guy. Along that line of logic, we specifically want you to submit your conversations as they are probably entertaining for the rest of us.

Why build a website where everyone can see our Tinder conversations?

First off, you can learn about our mission in the About Us section. Secondly, you have a choice, my friend. You do not have to submit anything, nor will we force you to submit any Tinder messages, even though we are black belts (it’s company policy). Third, a Tinder conversation between two awkward people is a thing of beauty. Don’t be a dick and rid the world of beauty. Finally, science has proven that laughter is more powerful than modern medicine and even… Love? Your welcome for releasing beauty and laughter into the world.

Are my submitted Tinder messages anonymous?

In short, yes, your upload is completely anonymous.

When communicating in Tinder all that appears in these messages are the individuals first name and a small profile pic. When you submit your message to Talk Tinder To Me it will not immediately go live on the website. Once we receive your image, we crop out the name and pictures, and then load it up!  Please read over our Privacy Policy if you want to get into the Legalese.

You are basically getting rich off of our Tinder failures then?

Exactly. Except we aren’t getting rich at all. Seriously. We are just a platform where you can see laugh at or see that you aren’t alone in the Tinder failure category.

How can I advertise on your website?

Simply email us at We will contact you withen 24-48 hours.

Is this another fad website?

No way, there is science, algorithms, and lots of useful technology present in this website that will make us less reliant upon fossil fuels, while mitigating the risk of an impending Zombie Apocalypse and/or Meteor Strike.

(Updated Response 23 Second Later)

So, we lied… Yes, it’s another fad website. Sorry… We’re not sorry.