Talk Tinder To Me – About Us

Welcome to Talk Tinder To Me, the simplest way to upload all your funniest Tinder interactions or complete failures! You might lose faith in dating, love, and humanity, but not before having a laugh at someone else’s expense.

That’s a pretty good opening, huh?  We thought so!

Talk Tinder To Me was built by two friends, but inspired by a multitude of friends and acquaintences (male and female) that were eager to share their Tinder conversations and (mis)adventures with us. The messages that were shared with us hit each side of the emotional spectrum and we began to think that this type of drama needed a much larger audience.  Thus, Talk Tinder To Me was born on the awkward, vulgar, stalkeresque, conversations that all of us have experienced.

Talk Tinder To Me Rules

With all that said, we don’t want you to become infamous, so you and your Tinder partner are protected.  Once you upload the photo, your convo “buddy’s” First Name and Picture will be cropped out of the message before it’s published and then, the hilarity ensues.  Please read our Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions for more information.

We highly advise that you do NOT post anything Racist, Malicious, Violent, or Visually Graphic. Talk Tinder will do its best to stop this from occurring, but if any readers of this amazing About Talk Tinder section see anything of that nature, please report it to us at

Enjoy the Talk Tinder To Me experience and should you have any additional questions, please refer to our Talk Tinder TO Me FAQs section!

The Talk Tinder To Me Team